Renowned motivational speaker Vivek Bindra faces allegations of assaulting his wife shortly after their wedding, according to recent reports.

According to reports, a few hours after taking wedding vows with his wife Yaneeka, popular motivational speaker and social media influencer Vivek Bindra allegedly physically assaulted her and partially deafened her.
In connection with this incident, Bindra’s brother-in-law Vaibhav Kwatra has filed a case at the Noida Sector 126 police station.
As per reports, the incident occurred on the morning of December 7 at Bindra’s residence in Supernova West Residency in Sector 94, Noida. The couple had gotten married on December 6.
In the FIR, Kwatra alleges that when his sister Yaneeka attempted to mediate in a family dispute between Bindra and their mother, she was brutally beaten. Bindra allegedly took her to a room and slapped her 30-40 times, resulting in serious injuries to her left ear and visible marks of injuries all over her body.
A video showing Yaneeka displaying her injuries from the hospital bed has gone viral on social media. In the video, she is seen in front of the camera, revealing her injuries and claiming that the influential person assaulted her about 30-40 times. She also claimed to be unable to hear from her left ear.
In another video shot outside the society gate, Bindra is seen attempting to persuade his wife to come inside.
Bindra is facing allegations of physical assault, and a few days later, another high-profile motivational speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari, claimed that Bindra was involved in scandals related to his company, Business Boost Private Limited (BBPL).
Maheshwari alleges that Bindra’s company allegedly deceived its followers and shared fraudulent testimonials from victims. He also claimed that Bindra owes over 500 crores to more than 100,000 students. However, Bindra has denied these allegations.